Wednesday, September 29, 2010

तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय

When you're sure of yourself,
And the clouds have cleared away,
The sun shines upon you,
And you know you're on your way.. :)

There are no words to express it
What it feels to look at the sun
You bask in the glory that is your self
And I can tell you that it's Fun!!!

There's nothing left to fear
And no stopping you at all
Even if the skies darken again
You'll always hear your call.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

No reason

Can't there be no reason for me to be with you
Can't it be as simple as it seems
Can't there be a slightest chance that all of this is true
Then why are we still livin' in a dream?

A reason, For every little thing I do
A reason, For me...
A reason, For why we live or why we die
A reason, To be!

There really ain't no reason for sayin' "I love you"
No reason for my heart to skip a beat
It'll just be a decision, when I say "I do"
I'd never know the reason in the heat

A reason, For all the things that I assert
A reason, To speak
A reason, To do what I have never done
A reason, To seek

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another Song

काहे मुसकाए कान्हा, काहे मुसकाए
तेरी पिचकारी का रंग चूनर से न जाए
काहे मुसकाए कान्हा, काहे मुसकाए

लाख जतन कर राधा जो हारी
काहे यूँ हस-हस के छेड़े मुरारी
प्रेम की छबी तेरे अधरों पे छाए
काहे मुसकाए कान्हा, काहे मुसकाए


Extremely childish... yet all feelings here were genuinely felt at the time

Oh dear, How I hate boys!
They think of girls as toys!

All they care for is looks
They are all, nothing but crooks..

All they want is rosy lips
Oh wait, they also need curvaceous hips!

They all crave for perfect contours
Sex appeal is all that allures

A hot girl here, and a cute one there
Curly hair, dark eyes, preferably fair

Soft, smooth, flawless skin
A maintained figure, slim and trim.

Beyond skin deep their eyes can't see
The 'Woman' - a girl may really be!

Lapaa chapi!

There are many poems pending upload on the blog, simply because when I remembered that I had to upload I didn't have my diary with me.. So get ready for a spurt of posts..

This one, I wrote for myself... Marathitla prayatna ahe.. I know it sounds very funny... But still..

लपा छपी चा खेळ सखी ग
खेळियला जो बालपणी
अजुनी त्याची ओढ तुला ग
खेळितेस तु, परी मनी।

मला न रूजला खेळ कधी तो
राज्य जमे ना मला कधी
लिंबूटिंबू चा डावच माझा
ना नवे राज्य ना नवा गडी

एकटाच तो राज्य जयाचे
लपून बसतात सवंगडी
हळू हळू तो शोधू लागतो
तेवढ्यात पाठीत धप्पा पडी :(

ठाऊक तुजला सर्व सखी ग
खेळितेस परी अंतरी
शोधीत बसते मीच तुला ग
सापडशील ना कधीतरी??

मी शोधीत असते सर्व कोपरे
लपून असलीस कुठे जरी
कधीतरी ग दिसशील मजला
झलक पुरेशी या नजरी..

आणिक जर का नाहीच दिसलीस
अश्रु येतील या नयनी
बोलावेन तुजला हाका मारून
शिव्याही घालीन मनोमनी

ठाऊक मजला सर्व सखी ग
देणार नाहीस "ओ" मजला
'रडू-बाई रडू-बाई' मनात म्हणशील
काळीजच नाही ग तुजला!

रडून-रडून मी थकून जाईन
एकाच जागा मग आठवेल
वळून पाहीन पाठी-मागे
माझी घट्ट सखी मजला सापडेल!

Friday, April 16, 2010

You don't have to stop dreaming

Sweet child,
You've been a child till now,
You'd really wanna grow up
But you just don't know how.

My sweet child,
Of a perfect life you dream.
Though the definitions of perfect
Are never as perfect as they seem.

My sweet child,
You feel that the world is just "all-right"
So you ignore all the "wrong"
And you keep it out of sight.

My child,
You live in a dream of your own;
Unwilling to come out,
Venture in a world - unknown.

It's alright, there's nothing wrong..
To stay in your bubble,
Even live there life-long.

But my dear,
Now that I am here
I could tell you, there's nothing to fear
In the world outside.

At first sight, it seems t0 break your dreams,
Shatter the perfect pattern that you had woven for yourself.
But then slowly, you feel it set you free..
To venture...
To fly ... !