Thursday, August 14, 2008

aaj kal

Aaj kal paon jameen par nahi padate mere...
Bolo.. dekha hai kabhi tumne mujhe udate hue?

(lyrics- gulzar)

Monday, August 4, 2008

What is Life if full of care...

From the beginning of time, we have been taught to face the challenges of life with a smile. They say its the challenges that put the "life" into Life. Very true, I guess. There have always been lessons and poems in school text books reiterating this very thought. But in the midst of giving a fight to all problems and challenges, did they forget to tell us "how to deal" with a normal life?
One without any problems?
Yeah.. I know you would say... there is no such perfect life. Everyone has their own problems. It is facing these problems that makes a person stronger everyday. It helps to build qualities that we may lack in. It increases endurance, etc. But all this for what?? More problems of course. Now suppose that all your problems finish... hypothetically. It just might be possible that we are in the midst of a nightmare!! :) Isn't it ironical??

Let me support my hypothesis with a few examples. (Am I studying too hard for GRE? :p i dont think so... anyway... coming back..)
My mom takes tuitions of school kids. Just today, This boy from 7th std was solving an exercise on indices. There were sums like
17 raised to 0
1/3 raised to 0
-11 raised to 0

He asked mom if he should leave that exercise and go ahead to the next one.. It was tooo easy.. Nothing to keep the brain stimulated. No challenges. EASY.
One would have felt in the normal circumstances that Pune university sucks.. and would have probably advised the boy to skip 2 more exercises and go on right ahead. But... no... Mom said no! "Whats wrong with doing easy stuff?? You are asking me to exempt you from doing it ... this means that you have a problem with doing it... whats your problem?? Aren't you able to do it??"
I went to the poor guys rescue.. saying that its tooo boring and not worth the effort. Nothing new to learn from it. Basically "hamali"!
"So whats the problem?? DO it. Indeed you people do have a problem! The problem for you guys is .. that there is no problem! You cant enjoy life when there are no problems?? What happened to enjoying the easy stuff?? "

Well, no one ever taught us THAT. Yeah, now the "real problem" is that no one taught us to deal with no problems.. DO you see how I try to invent a "real problem" so that I am preoccupied in solving it? Or at least contemplating it. Thats coz I cant deal with not having one :)
Its getting too meshy :) and recursive :D

So i guess thats the reason we are all looking for challenging jobs. New things to do everyday. So that we grow and don't remain stunted. But at the very base of this growth lies the fact that we may be running away from something we can't really do.