Friday, February 13, 2009

Another Song

And this time, I actually managed to give it a tune and a rhythm :)
Sing to you some time... Actually, on second thoughts, that would be more effective... singing it to you. But, I have nothing else to write right now, and this IS afterall another piece of timepass poetry. So, here are the lyrics.

Piya Baavri. Albeli.
O re saajna, pi ke bina, jee paayena, woh akeli.

Pyar kiya toh na tha,
Ki toh nahi thi woh khataa.
Kaano mein gunje hai fir
Aahat terihi kyun sadaa.
Yeh zindagi tere bin zindagi kyun nahi
Samjhaao Naa,
Suljhao naa, yeh paheli.

Piya baavari, albeli.