Friday, January 6, 2017

The Christmas Tree

Dressed in green, with a golden sheen 
Is the prettiest tree that I've ever seen.

In a deep dark wood, the tree stands tall,
Wearing the warmest winter shawl
With balls and ribbons of red and gold,
And candy cane that won't grow old.
There's fresh white snow on the deep green frills,
And warm lights glow in the winter chills.
Tiny bells tinker and gifts wait at it's feet,

While a starry crown cradles the Christmas heart-beat.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ever-expanding comfort zones

A safe circle, small and round
Beyond, raging fires abound

Step out, step out, oh Warrior within
Step out, embrace it, thicken your skin

Learn to fight, increase your might 
Open your eyes, embrace the light.

Explore unchartered territory
Live life king size on the periphery.

Friday, September 11, 2015


का रे अट्टाहास तुझा हा
- आयुष्याला हेतू असावा
कशास रे ही ओढ तुझी की
- जीवनास एक दिशा असावी

काय भले अन काय गैर हे
ठरविण्यास का उत्सुक सगळे
कोणास ठाऊक आयुष्याचे
गूढ अर्थ हे कुठे हरवले

आज इथे जर खाली उतरुनी
बोलू लागला तो दयाघना
"सर्वच आहे व्यर्थ सख्या रे
अशीच माझी मनोकामना "

काय म्हणावे अलिप्त अश्या ह्या
निर्मात्याला, कृपाकाराला
"युधिष्ठिराला जमले नाही ते
आम्हास सांगतोस करावयाला ?! "

Thursday, October 30, 2014

I'm a princess!

I’m a princess!
A dainty little princess.
I’m gonna wave a pretty wave,
And send a thousand flying kisses!
I’m a princess!

I see you smiling at me impolitely
Longing for a dance.
But I’m hunting for a Prince tonight
And you don’t stand a chance.

So stand back, and watch me.
Watch me as I jive!
I mean it - stand back! Don’t touch me, boy!
A fairy tale is alive!

And I’m a princess,
A very pretty princess.
Silky dresses, 
Silky tresses,
And silky skin to touch, (Oh my!)
Even angels are too shy
To watch me when I’m swishing by!

Coz, I’m a princess!
A dainty little princess
I’m gonna wave a pretty wave
And send a thousand flying kisses
I’m a princess!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The 151

Back in the old days
When I was still in school
I passed my teen-age
But I was still a fool
Not that I’m not now…
But now I’m cool.
I wasn’t hot then,
’N still I ruled!

 All the music
Kept me on my toes
I had a band then
And we did some shows
I thought we rocked some
Coz’ we had some pro-s
We weren’t awesome,
But we were pretty close!

 I was high on emotion
Love was a fancy notion
I was drowning in its ocean
zoo zoo zoo…
I was high on emotion
Even higher on devotion
Din’t need no motivation
ooh ooh ooh…

When the guitars played ,
And I’d sing along...
There was a bond made
And it was very strong.
So much energy
 In every song
Back then we all stayed
all.. All night long!

I was high on emotion
Love was a fancy notion
I was drowning in its ocean
zoo zoo zoo…
I was high on emotion
Even higher on devotion
Din’t need no motivation
ooh ooh ooh…

 So come on!
Let’s keep up the fun
Hey all-nighter, Here we come!
Like we’re high on Bacardi rum
And not the regular… The 151.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Leap of faith

I open my heart 
In a way I have never before,
I let it drop … Drop from the sky… and I watch it fall..

My little heart…
My timid little, helpless little heart.

I watch the sun shine on my heart, and on the world beneath.
A magical world...
A beautiful world… 
The existence of which has but a chance of 1 in 10 raised to 139!
An utterly impossible probability… yet some how it miraculously exists!

And so my heart falls, helpless, but with growing wonder..
The possibility of annihilation is undeniable, yet… I open my heart and let it drop
A drop in the ocean of consciousness - a consequential drop.

The roaring wind against my face, my hair, wakes me up.
Thoroughly refreshing all my senses.
Exalting the magnificence and fragility of life 
My little heart now beams with joy as the skies fall around it.
It knows no sorrow… 
No fear……  
Only faith.

It stares in the face of the wind...
...and finally opens itself to it.
And then…..
…. I fly.
I fly with the wind - where-ever it will take me.
The sky is now my friend…
But the earth - my affection.
So I ask the wind to take me further... further below… where my love awaits.
I touch the ground - soft as a feather… 
And land in your open arms.
Such bliss I have never known, not even in flight.

And so I dropped my heart if only for this felicity…

Never would I have known that my little heart could contain so much…
Such joy! Such faith! And Such love!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A part of my soul

You leave; I don't know when I'll see you next;
I don't turn back to see you walk into the crowd
Good bye is not what I wished to say
But I said just those words out clear and loud.

I don't think I am going to miss you as such.
I realize more than ever, with this growing pain,
I feel like you leave with a part of my soul,
And I know not when I shall see it again.

It's as though my soul were a thousand souls,
One's with you, just a part of the whole.
I first saw it today, truth be told;
In the notes that you play on the strings that you hold.

The pain comes from awareness of that part of my soul,
While knowing that it is safe with you,
In the hope that someday it'll come back to me.
Some day - when I let it through.