Friday, April 16, 2010

You don't have to stop dreaming

Sweet child,
You've been a child till now,
You'd really wanna grow up
But you just don't know how.

My sweet child,
Of a perfect life you dream.
Though the definitions of perfect
Are never as perfect as they seem.

My sweet child,
You feel that the world is just "all-right"
So you ignore all the "wrong"
And you keep it out of sight.

My child,
You live in a dream of your own;
Unwilling to come out,
Venture in a world - unknown.

It's alright, there's nothing wrong..
To stay in your bubble,
Even live there life-long.

But my dear,
Now that I am here
I could tell you, there's nothing to fear
In the world outside.

At first sight, it seems t0 break your dreams,
Shatter the perfect pattern that you had woven for yourself.
But then slowly, you feel it set you free..
To venture...
To fly ... !