Monday, June 30, 2008

mazyavarchi kavita!! :)

ekda ameya sahebanni mazyabaddal kavita lihili.. :)

"ok...lets sing a song....

ek baar active ketaki activa par ja rahi thi ghar..
par khayalon mein itane jyada, pahoch gaye jaha the wahi par...

hya confusion la kharach khup kimmat ahey...
he confusion ghalavayachi kay konachi himmat ahey...?

Bai mhanalya karuya ganyanche Fusion...
Fusion zale nahich zale fakta confusion...

hya confusion madhun anek vichar pavatat ugam
kadhi te asatat shastriya, tar kadhi sugam...

pan bakshis matra milate 100 takke...
karan ketaki to boss hain jara hatake...

confusion madhun vibhinna tayar hotat joke
ketaki la kahi kalat nahi, pan hasato amhi rokh tok...
and thats all for this time folks...

(amhi mahnaje Ketaki ani... baki sagale pan)"


Friday, June 13, 2008

Feeling High :)

The golden globe in the bright blue sky
Tufts of cotton floating by
Twittering birds and humming bees
Blooming buds spraying scent on the breeze.
Vibrant colors of a tiny butterfly
Touch my heart and make me high.

The roar of thunder , the rhythm of rain
A blinding flash on my window pane.
The laughing clouds in the raging sky
Touch my heart and make me high.

The sound of music , a song from the heart
Fresh paint on canvas, a piece of art.
Dancing feet that never say die
Touch my heart and make me high.

A 'thank you' heart felt , a tug at your cheek
A teddy bear hug , a playful ear-tweak.
A furtive glance , a passionate gaze
No words to describe those charming ways.
A look , a smile , a catch of the eye
Touch my heart and make me high.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Blue Moon

Once in a blue moon… I feel blue.

Once in a blue moon I miss you.

I ain’t so sure ‘bout the color of the moon

I think its blue... not again!!! its too soon.

Every now and then…

Don’t know why or when

Once in a blue moon I miss you.

There it was shining nice and bright

Singing sweet lullabys to me all night

And now from nowhere the weather has changed

Clouds came over and my moon they estranged

My pillow hardly bears the warmth of your arms

I close my eyes and it alarms

Me as I realize

Once in a blue moon I miss you.

So is this what they call love?

I ask the gloomy moon above

He stares back at me stolid and cool

“Find it out for yourself, you poor little fool

And when you finally make up your mind

Let me in on your brand new find

So I can go back to my sweet old yellow

So you can go on feeling mellow”

I think about you all the time

And yet I can’t make up my mind

It takes courage to admit as such

What it is that I miss so much.

Is it really you or an imagination I adore?

Increasing confusion at the core,

The nights go by and the moon stays blue

Once in a blue moon I miss you.