Sunday, December 21, 2008

Keep Indulging...

Indulge in a crush
Indulge in romance
Indulge in guitaring
Indulge in a dance.

Indulge in a bike ride
Indulge in the speed
Indulge in driving and being driven when you need.

Indulge in poetry
Indulge in the rhyme
Indulge in the desire - not to break it, all the time.

Indulge in frustration, having done something in vain
Indulge in the childishness of doing it again. :)

Indulge in complan, or coffee, or tea
Indulge in sugar, make it sweet as it can be.
Indulge in cleanliness of your room and your shelf
Indulge in the flowers that you plan to buy for yourself

Indulge in the thought of going home to your mom
Indulge in cuddling in her arms, oh so warm.
Indulge in the joy of meeting someone you met yesterday
Indulge in the dream that they will never go away.

Indulge in writing a line and then scratching it out,
Indulge in pen and paper, doodling all about. :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Something worth the while

While I while my time away,
While I got nothing to say
I wonder why my pen runs on paper
It hasn't always been this way.

When I've got a cold
and I cant sing a song,
I sit with a beautiful diary
and my pen just runs along,
Searching for something worthwhile to say
While I while my time away.

At night as on my bed I lay,
It hasn't been a really long day,
and as I wait for my spirits to ebb,
I feel tired, but not my nib.
Sleepily in my sheets I curl,
But my fantasy poem needs one last twirl.
"What's worthwhile in you?", I say.
She says, "I whiled your time away! :)"

Friday, December 12, 2008


Indulge in the beauty of eyes so blue
Indulge in the glory of love so true.
Indulge in a kiss
Indulge in a touch
Indulge in the ecstasy
Indulge in the rush
Indulge in rich chocolate - cakes and mousse
Indulge in a drink or two - feel them set you loose
Indulge in a song, a rhythm or a tune
Indulge in memories that never fade away too soon
Indulge in leisure, a hobby, an art
Indulge in everything, give all of it your heart.
Indulge in sorrow
Indulge in pain
Indulge in vanity, All in vain :)
Indulge in mirth
Indulge in silence
Indulge in life
Indulge in indulgence...!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A song

Here is a song,

Here is a song.

Won't you play the chords along.

As I sing and you strum your guitar

Honey, we couldn't go wrong.

What shall i give you honey,

Something that will always go on...

A song so bright and sunny,

A melody to keep your heart warm.

I can't do any better as I try to write this song,

But its slowly coming along.

It doesn't take a lot to get a song right.

All I have to do is colour the pages bright.

From your six-string, the rest will flow,

And as we sing, the world will know,

Here is a song, here is a song

Here is the place we belong.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dew Drop and Ray

Dew Drops on a mayflower
shine and glow,
glisten in sunlight, like fresh bright snow.

Beautiful Dew Drops
pure and round,
lounging on all the flowers around.

A Ray of gold, on the diamond bright
Indeed creates a charming delight!
Who'd imagine the rainbow inside
A single glaring beam of light?

Dew Drop knew, he'd always known
The beauty inside the bright bold Ray.
He could see how the colours were sewn
in an elegant intricately simple way.

He knew all her secrets,
he had seen her heart.
And this nearly tore poor Ray apart.

He caused her agony and deliberate pain.
Oh... she looked lovely in such disdain.
Amazed at her own spectrum,
she stared at the drop;
Asked what he had done to her
and beckoned him to stop.

Dew drop chuckled back at her,
"That's how it will be..
When you are with me
Oh Darling,
When you are with me!"

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Don't wanna miss missing you

Sometimes, Life can be so good
When you think it can't get better,
It amazingly always would.
Life is beautiful.

Sometimes, there could be someone
Who was always right beside you
When you were thinking they were gone.
All you do is open your eyes,
Let go, make way for a sweet surprise
And courage will help you realise...

Sometimes, Life can be so good
When you think it can't get better,
It amazingly always would.
Yeah... Life is beautiful.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

aaj kal

Aaj kal paon jameen par nahi padate mere...
Bolo.. dekha hai kabhi tumne mujhe udate hue?

(lyrics- gulzar)

Monday, August 4, 2008

What is Life if full of care...

From the beginning of time, we have been taught to face the challenges of life with a smile. They say its the challenges that put the "life" into Life. Very true, I guess. There have always been lessons and poems in school text books reiterating this very thought. But in the midst of giving a fight to all problems and challenges, did they forget to tell us "how to deal" with a normal life?
One without any problems?
Yeah.. I know you would say... there is no such perfect life. Everyone has their own problems. It is facing these problems that makes a person stronger everyday. It helps to build qualities that we may lack in. It increases endurance, etc. But all this for what?? More problems of course. Now suppose that all your problems finish... hypothetically. It just might be possible that we are in the midst of a nightmare!! :) Isn't it ironical??

Let me support my hypothesis with a few examples. (Am I studying too hard for GRE? :p i dont think so... anyway... coming back..)
My mom takes tuitions of school kids. Just today, This boy from 7th std was solving an exercise on indices. There were sums like
17 raised to 0
1/3 raised to 0
-11 raised to 0

He asked mom if he should leave that exercise and go ahead to the next one.. It was tooo easy.. Nothing to keep the brain stimulated. No challenges. EASY.
One would have felt in the normal circumstances that Pune university sucks.. and would have probably advised the boy to skip 2 more exercises and go on right ahead. But... no... Mom said no! "Whats wrong with doing easy stuff?? You are asking me to exempt you from doing it ... this means that you have a problem with doing it... whats your problem?? Aren't you able to do it??"
I went to the poor guys rescue.. saying that its tooo boring and not worth the effort. Nothing new to learn from it. Basically "hamali"!
"So whats the problem?? DO it. Indeed you people do have a problem! The problem for you guys is .. that there is no problem! You cant enjoy life when there are no problems?? What happened to enjoying the easy stuff?? "

Well, no one ever taught us THAT. Yeah, now the "real problem" is that no one taught us to deal with no problems.. DO you see how I try to invent a "real problem" so that I am preoccupied in solving it? Or at least contemplating it. Thats coz I cant deal with not having one :)
Its getting too meshy :) and recursive :D

So i guess thats the reason we are all looking for challenging jobs. New things to do everyday. So that we grow and don't remain stunted. But at the very base of this growth lies the fact that we may be running away from something we can't really do.

Monday, June 30, 2008

mazyavarchi kavita!! :)

ekda ameya sahebanni mazyabaddal kavita lihili.. :)

"ok...lets sing a song....

ek baar active ketaki activa par ja rahi thi ghar..
par khayalon mein itane jyada, pahoch gaye jaha the wahi par...

hya confusion la kharach khup kimmat ahey...
he confusion ghalavayachi kay konachi himmat ahey...?

Bai mhanalya karuya ganyanche Fusion...
Fusion zale nahich zale fakta confusion...

hya confusion madhun anek vichar pavatat ugam
kadhi te asatat shastriya, tar kadhi sugam...

pan bakshis matra milate 100 takke...
karan ketaki to boss hain jara hatake...

confusion madhun vibhinna tayar hotat joke
ketaki la kahi kalat nahi, pan hasato amhi rokh tok...
and thats all for this time folks...

(amhi mahnaje Ketaki ani... baki sagale pan)"


Friday, June 13, 2008

Feeling High :)

The golden globe in the bright blue sky
Tufts of cotton floating by
Twittering birds and humming bees
Blooming buds spraying scent on the breeze.
Vibrant colors of a tiny butterfly
Touch my heart and make me high.

The roar of thunder , the rhythm of rain
A blinding flash on my window pane.
The laughing clouds in the raging sky
Touch my heart and make me high.

The sound of music , a song from the heart
Fresh paint on canvas, a piece of art.
Dancing feet that never say die
Touch my heart and make me high.

A 'thank you' heart felt , a tug at your cheek
A teddy bear hug , a playful ear-tweak.
A furtive glance , a passionate gaze
No words to describe those charming ways.
A look , a smile , a catch of the eye
Touch my heart and make me high.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Blue Moon

Once in a blue moon… I feel blue.

Once in a blue moon I miss you.

I ain’t so sure ‘bout the color of the moon

I think its blue... not again!!! its too soon.

Every now and then…

Don’t know why or when

Once in a blue moon I miss you.

There it was shining nice and bright

Singing sweet lullabys to me all night

And now from nowhere the weather has changed

Clouds came over and my moon they estranged

My pillow hardly bears the warmth of your arms

I close my eyes and it alarms

Me as I realize

Once in a blue moon I miss you.

So is this what they call love?

I ask the gloomy moon above

He stares back at me stolid and cool

“Find it out for yourself, you poor little fool

And when you finally make up your mind

Let me in on your brand new find

So I can go back to my sweet old yellow

So you can go on feeling mellow”

I think about you all the time

And yet I can’t make up my mind

It takes courage to admit as such

What it is that I miss so much.

Is it really you or an imagination I adore?

Increasing confusion at the core,

The nights go by and the moon stays blue

Once in a blue moon I miss you.