Thursday, August 23, 2012

A part of my soul

You leave; I don't know when I'll see you next;
I don't turn back to see you walk into the crowd
Good bye is not what I wished to say
But I said just those words out clear and loud.

I don't think I am going to miss you as such.
I realize more than ever, with this growing pain,
I feel like you leave with a part of my soul,
And I know not when I shall see it again.

It's as though my soul were a thousand souls,
One's with you, just a part of the whole.
I first saw it today, truth be told;
In the notes that you play on the strings that you hold.

The pain comes from awareness of that part of my soul,
While knowing that it is safe with you,
In the hope that someday it'll come back to me.
Some day - when I let it through.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Independence Day

Freedom we got, in 1947, its been an eternity, since.
Was it freedom we got, I don't know what - cause Freedom still makes us wince.

We are free so to say, to do what we wish, kill thousands and still be unharmed.
But just don't marry someone from the wrong caste, lest some ppl feel alarmed.

We are free to dress just as we please, no rules on how short a skirt should be.
We do not depend on the police any more - we are as 'independent' as one could be.

We are free to choose the career we want - no pressure - just be what you are.
A scientist, a doctor.. An engineer at worst - not a mechanic who fixes a car.

You want to write? Write a book, write a movie, a song, a play.
Just be sure it has no 'ugly' content, so it may see the light of the day.

When you draw a painting or a cartoon, be sure to be polite.
Paintings and cartoons should entertain people  - not get you on a London flight.

Our culture is rich, but what it serves to be, is mostly societal pressure
And freedom is sparse, believe it or not, it's mostly - thanks to this culture

And when all is done and the day is gone, and no-one has had their way,
We hoist a flag, we look up at it, and wish each other "Happy Independence Day!"

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blue Sky

Take me to That place where my heart - it used to soar
Take me to that place you and I, we both adore
Take me to that place which just seems to be no more..
Oh please take me to that place which I know still is .. for sure.
Blue sky.. Blue sky.. Blue sky..

That place would always have a very different hue
The feeling we would feel was so beautiful and true
That place it used to strike a chord deep in my heart
Oh that place, it seems so far now as we have grown apart.

I believe my darling that you can get me there.
The place that you and I know does exist somewhere. 
And I know my darling you want to get there too.
Ah the place.. that belongs to me and you.
Blue sky.. Blue sky.. Blue sky..

Take me where my soul will surrender  once again
Take me where there are no ties no fears no pain
Take me to that place where my heart begins to flyyyy.......
blue sky.. Blue sky.. Blue sky..

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Wile we bask in the glory of the present
In the glory of this moment alone,
Let us not forget what brings us here
That long winding story that's etched in stone

Let's not forget what once was true
For true it was, no doubt.
We were human then and we are human now
So what's there to fret about?

What's true, is true! It's clear as day.
It was true, it is, and will be.
It wouldn't really care if you looked or not
So if you don't, it will still just BE.

But if you do care to open your eyes
You'll see another million eyes awake..
For while you dreamt that everyone's asleep
They were just waiting for you to wake!