Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Leap of faith

I open my heart 
In a way I have never before,
I let it drop … Drop from the sky… and I watch it fall..

My little heart…
My timid little, helpless little heart.

I watch the sun shine on my heart, and on the world beneath.
A magical world...
A beautiful world… 
The existence of which has but a chance of 1 in 10 raised to 139!
An utterly impossible probability… yet some how it miraculously exists!

And so my heart falls, helpless, but with growing wonder..
The possibility of annihilation is undeniable, yet… I open my heart and let it drop
A drop in the ocean of consciousness - a consequential drop.

The roaring wind against my face, my hair, wakes me up.
Thoroughly refreshing all my senses.
Exalting the magnificence and fragility of life 
My little heart now beams with joy as the skies fall around it.
It knows no sorrow… 
No fear……  
Only faith.

It stares in the face of the wind...
...and finally opens itself to it.
And then…..
…. I fly.
I fly with the wind - where-ever it will take me.
The sky is now my friend…
But the earth - my affection.
So I ask the wind to take me further... further below… where my love awaits.
I touch the ground - soft as a feather… 
And land in your open arms.
Such bliss I have never known, not even in flight.

And so I dropped my heart if only for this felicity…

Never would I have known that my little heart could contain so much…
Such joy! Such faith! And Such love!