Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dear Mom

My dear Mom,
I wish that I could kiss you
Hug you tight and warm

I'll send the kiss in priority mail
In a bubble wrap, just in case.
And hope that when you open the package
It'll pop right in your face! :)

Meanwhile, I'll send one on your g-talk window
So you can see it when you log in,
I can imagine how you'll smile at the smiley
And press your cheek against the screen.

You can ping me back that sparkling smile
How, I'd love to see that grin…
May be post a post on my Facebook wall
That I'd "like" when I login.

And may be you could package a ton of love,
I'm sure they'll find some way to send it through
And a thousand hugs to keep me warm
And don't forget a kiss or two.