Monday, November 14, 2011


Lines are drawn in black, on white...
or in white on black... if you please,
But you couldn't draw a line between the two,
There cannot be straight lines at least!

Ah.. the love story of black and white
who were so inseparable indeed
No one could draw a line between the two
It was almost an impossible deed.

Black was all that white was not..
He was like the dark dark night.
And white was all that black was not..
As though a brilliant light.

Those inseparable two quarreled everyday
Their wars would never end
Yet they never gave up their ways
Neither one would ever bend.

No one else wanted to stand with either
There was need for a "golden" mean.
But poor Gold could not draw the line
And no one else seemed very keen.

Solemnly, it was declared
upon a hazy day
That the grave task would be taken up
by invincible 'Gray'.

Now gray he was a clever chap,
He sat between the two,
He nodded here he nodded there,
he gave his two cents too

He got a little share of white
and black too gave his share
And as he started blending in,
they didnt even notice him there!

He blended more and more
and took up so much space at last
the space between real black and white
grew glaringly vast

Everyone was happy now
that they had a place to stand
And even as they stood in gray
for nothing they'd have to stand.

As gray settled in between,
The division had begun
But no fool really noticed that
Now black and white were one!!