Saturday, November 7, 2009

for you

I'll go to the end of the world for you
Though people may say 'It's wild!'
Reckless or naive though it may seem
Inside, everyone is but a child.

They all do go to the end of the world,
Their reasons may seem more real
Just because many have had the same;
But that doesn't make mine, trivial.

Come what may, if you are around,
I promise I'll swim right through.
You'll be surprised at my strength
When I help you with a tug or two.

I won't go all the way just 'coz 'Love is blind'
Or 'sacrifice' just to pass the 'test',
My decision will be open-eyed,
In consciousness and in zest.

They go for adventure, or money, or fame,
For passion, or for nothing at all...
As for me, I guess I am meant to go,
... just waiting for your call.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I wish I was sure of whats coming my way
I wish it was as clear as a bright sunny day
But I know not; and of that I am sure.
It's indeed a contradiction I must endure.

I know not what I'll do in a year or ten,
Or what I'll have for dinner, where or when.

But then whats life.. if I would rest assured,
Of nothing I would feel afraid, of nothing feel allured.
If I knew , my day would be but a mere routine.
I would never see something I'd never seen!

Though the night and then the day keep coming in a row
The beauty of each night and day is that... you never know!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sleeping Beauty (contd...)

I could never have dreamt of it;
How often does it happen anyway?
That you wake up from your sweetest dream,
Just to live it out in real !

The whole truth in all its splendour may not have hit me yet..
But there's this feeling, that I am in a fairy tale...
A splendid fairy tale.

Touch wood.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

The woods are lovely, dark and deep
Around the castle where I sleep.
Prince Charming, please don't knock my door
Let me dream a little more.

I've dreamt a lot of how you'd come
And then how your's I'll become.
I know you're daring, bold and kind
Your horse could leave the wind behind.
With a heart of gold and a soul so pure,
Your love will lift this spell for sure.

But before I wake unto you, my king,
I need to tell you one more thing.
As in my slumber I seek thee,
I must wake up and first find me.

I might wake up and feel alarmed
A little lost and quite uncharmed.
Then, my prince, just hold me near,
Calm me down and soothe my fears.
Having woken up from a sleep, so long
I would have lost touch of the right and wrong.
Of myself I won't be sure.
And all that anguish you must endure.

You found me, that quest was hard.
But I must ask you for your reward.
For darling brave, you own me though,
I must be ME from head to toe.
I must go on my own conquest.
And put my mettle to the test.

Will you be strong and let me free?
For, before loving you,
I must love ME!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Another Song

And this time, I actually managed to give it a tune and a rhythm :)
Sing to you some time... Actually, on second thoughts, that would be more effective... singing it to you. But, I have nothing else to write right now, and this IS afterall another piece of timepass poetry. So, here are the lyrics.

Piya Baavri. Albeli.
O re saajna, pi ke bina, jee paayena, woh akeli.

Pyar kiya toh na tha,
Ki toh nahi thi woh khataa.
Kaano mein gunje hai fir
Aahat terihi kyun sadaa.
Yeh zindagi tere bin zindagi kyun nahi
Samjhaao Naa,
Suljhao naa, yeh paheli.

Piya baavari, albeli.