Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

The woods are lovely, dark and deep
Around the castle where I sleep.
Prince Charming, please don't knock my door
Let me dream a little more.

I've dreamt a lot of how you'd come
And then how your's I'll become.
I know you're daring, bold and kind
Your horse could leave the wind behind.
With a heart of gold and a soul so pure,
Your love will lift this spell for sure.

But before I wake unto you, my king,
I need to tell you one more thing.
As in my slumber I seek thee,
I must wake up and first find me.

I might wake up and feel alarmed
A little lost and quite uncharmed.
Then, my prince, just hold me near,
Calm me down and soothe my fears.
Having woken up from a sleep, so long
I would have lost touch of the right and wrong.
Of myself I won't be sure.
And all that anguish you must endure.

You found me, that quest was hard.
But I must ask you for your reward.
For darling brave, you own me though,
I must be ME from head to toe.
I must go on my own conquest.
And put my mettle to the test.

Will you be strong and let me free?
For, before loving you,
I must love ME!