Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dew Drop and Ray

Dew Drops on a mayflower
shine and glow,
glisten in sunlight, like fresh bright snow.

Beautiful Dew Drops
pure and round,
lounging on all the flowers around.

A Ray of gold, on the diamond bright
Indeed creates a charming delight!
Who'd imagine the rainbow inside
A single glaring beam of light?

Dew Drop knew, he'd always known
The beauty inside the bright bold Ray.
He could see how the colours were sewn
in an elegant intricately simple way.

He knew all her secrets,
he had seen her heart.
And this nearly tore poor Ray apart.

He caused her agony and deliberate pain.
Oh... she looked lovely in such disdain.
Amazed at her own spectrum,
she stared at the drop;
Asked what he had done to her
and beckoned him to stop.

Dew drop chuckled back at her,
"That's how it will be..
When you are with me
Oh Darling,
When you are with me!"